Welcome to Triple P Scores

Assertive and consistent parenting has been shown to be a protective factor in the healthy development of children and youth. Positive parenting experiences in childhood and adolescence have been shown to improve physical and mental health across the lifespan. Triple P has been widely implemented across all areas of Ontario and the informal network of providers has increasingly recognized the value of consolidating our common efforts in order to maximize the benefits of this evidence-based program at a population level.

A grant from the Centre of Excellence allowed the Ontario Triple P Network to create this online scoring tool. The tool uses the pre/post instruments recommended by Triple P to measure the outcomes of positive parenting programs (Triple P) being delivered throughout Ontario. It differs from previous scoring applications in that it will also allow reporting on aggregate results at an agency, region, and provincial level. Specifically:

  • Member organizations and local collaborative groups will be able to examine information from pre/post measures at various levels in order to assess outcomes.
  • The scoring tool will increase a collective capacity to enhance program implementation and share resources related to research.

If you are an agency that uses Triple P, read more on how this tool can benefit you or contact us at:

Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre